About Us

About us

What is Social Cooperative Enterprise? Over the last 20 years in the European area, and in the development of “promising” area of Social Economy, a tendency of recommendation voltage and …

Our identity

OUR IDENTITY ☑Who are we? The Cooperative “ANEMONI” is a social cooperative enterprise and aims to create jobs for people with psychosocial problems, for immigrants/refugees and other socially vulnerable people. …


Connections Today, the following Social Coops, are operating:  Attica “Archipelagos” www.accop.gr   Attica “Diaplous” www.diaplous.eu Attica “Eu Zin” www.koispe-euzin.gr Attica “Athena- Elpis” www.athens-elpis.gr Attica “Klimax plus” www.koispe.org Attica “Hliotropio” www.facebook.com/ΚοιΣΠΕ-Ηλιοτρόπιο-772040926210270 …

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