Who are we?

The Cooperative “ANEMONI” is a social cooperative enterprise and aims to create jobs for people with psychosocial problems, for immigrants/refugees and other socially vulnerable people. It is a private law partnership, with commercial status and it can develop any economic activity in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector of economy.

At the same time, it is also a “mental health unit” supervised by the Ministry of Health since it contributes to the treatment and as far as possible to the economic self-sufficiency of people with psychosocial problems.

Like all Limited Liability Social Cooperatives (Social Coop.) so ANEMONI is a private entity with a limited liability of its members. It aims at the socio-professional integration of people with psychosocial problems while having a commercial status and it can develop any economic activity.

It is also a business and a mental health unit supervised by the Ministry of Health. The members of Social Coop. ANEMONI are divided into three categories:

  • Mental patients at least 35%.
  • Workers in mental health, mental health professionals of National System of Health (NSH) at a rate of at most 45%.
  • Municipalities, communities, other  individuals, and private companies, state bodies, unemployed people etc. at a rate of at most 20%.
  • Each member regardless of category, is involved in making decisions of the Cooperative equal to (1) vote (democratic principle).


The Board of Directors

Responsible for the management of the Cooperative is a 7-member Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly of the members, with a 3-year term. The Board of Directors is equally composed of 2 members from the A category and 5 members from the B and C category of members with an equal number of alternate members.

In the General Assembly of 19 June 2017, the new Board of Directors of Social Coop. came up which includes:

Regular members:

President: Argyropoulou Evaggelia

Vice-president: Mixalousis Efstathios

Secretary: Alexiadou Amalia

Treasurer: Antonopoulou Antonia

Members: Georgousis Nikolaos

Mpalasoiou Christina

Liantza Xanthi

The Supervisory Board

The responsibility for monitoring and controlling the management of the Cooperative has a 3-member Supervisory Board elected by the General Assembly of the members with a 3-year term.

In the General Assembly of 19 June 2018, the new Supervisory Board of Social Coop. came up which includes:

  1. Sarela Antonia
  2. Tsani Theodora
  3. Falias Themistocles

Partners- Executives

  1. Georgiou Maria, Managing Director
  2. Pournaras Athanasios , Social Worker
  3. Gareli Eleftheria, Financial Counselor-Accountant of the Cooperative
  4. Paparounis Konstantinos, Head of Cooperative’s Technical Support

Statute of Social Coop.

The Statute of Social Coop. ANEMONI was signed by the founders members in a meeting held on 19 June 2017, in a place granted by the Fthiotida’s Labor Center.

It was submitted at the Lamia’s County Court with a serial number 15/2017 and it was registered in the General Register of the Chamber of Fthiotida with registration number 1027228/29.05.2017 taking the number of GE.RE. 142710754000.

The Statute of Social Coop., accompanied by a relevant application was submitted at the Register of Social Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and automatically according to the institutional framework, the Social Coop. was approved as Social Cooperative Company of Law N.4430/2016 with registration number 000090102131.